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Wedding Accessories Hire

Weddings are notoriously expensive and for some compromise is not an option, but with Wilma’s Creative floral imagiation she can turn a hired accessory into a successful individual display piece for the church or reception at a fraction of the cost – without compromise thats her promise to you!

For more details on our hire accessories please don’t hestitate to ring Wilma on 047 76677 or email: Wilma Simpson

Hire of accessories for your wedding day can include:


If you are choosing to decorate the entrance to your venue or wanting to create an intimate atmosphere for your reception celebrations, our lanterns will fit any traditional or contemporary decor.

Wedding Floral Arch and Walls

Frame your wedding day with an absolutely stunning Floral arch or give that partian or backgdrop that extra finesse with a floral wall both are for hire on your wedding day from JP Flowers Monaghan.

Wedding chairs

Bride and groom chair covers

Floral Trees

Flower Trees are a beautiful way to decorate outside a church door or gate, at the entrance to a Church, marquee, hotel, on either side of a reception table.

Red Carpet

Create a striking focal point for any venue entrance – adding both symmetry and uniformity While every bride needs a red carpet.


Floral displays can range from a elegant – arrangement of lillies, to a flamboyant ‘flower-packed’ creation

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